May 21, 2022

Hince true dimension radiance balm reviewIf you haven’t heard of Hince, I think you definitely have seen some of their marketing promos at some point.  I had to double-check with the oh so knowledgeable Odile (art director in Korea and has a blog called the Monodist) to see if the brand was actually popular in Korea or not.  There are quite a few brands that we know as foreigners like Purito who cater to overseas customers and are not actually sold in Korea. Here’s a great video from Odile Monod explaining Hince as a brand and the impact it had on the Korean beauty trends.

“Hince is a mood-narrative make-up brand that expresses your full potential by building on a natural unique to you with its dense and rich colors.  We provide inspiration to have confidence in your beliefs and aspirations for a more passionate life.
Mood     Tone    Attitude.”

Reiterating from what Odile mentioned in her video, Hince isn’t just another brand following current beauty trends in Korea.  They successfully were able to break free from the boring neon-toned lip products, constricting base makeup options, and even brow shapes!  Their target audience is slightly more mature, landing in the demographic age bracket of the late 20s and early 30s. 

When I was first checking out the brand and looking at all their products, I didn’t see much that was all that interesting.  However, this was because I was looking at them with a Western beauty trend mind and not looking at a K-beauty trend mindset.  I’ve been complaining for years that Korean lip products always have that unflattering neon tone to them and well, you have Hince to thank now.  They successfully created what we know as the MLBB (my lips but better) lip products that are way more flattering and offer true nude shades that look way more flattering. On top of the nude lippies, Hince also tackled the ever-long-lasting straight eyebrow trend to a more natural and fluffy brow with, of course, Hince products to create that look.

HInce true dimension glow cheeks reviewThe impact Hince has created truly seems revolutionary, and I might just have to check out the rest of their products.  Make sure to watch Odile’s video since I didn’t mention all the points.  She also explains it’s much better and provides a lot more knowledge as well.

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Nonetheless, I’m here to test out two of the shades for you guys and see if these Hince true dimension radiance balms are worth your money or not!  Also if you are looking for a Hince dupe, Holika Holika’s current butter line has a gorgeous balmy highlighter that works with most skin types and is stunning!  Catch it before it goes away~

Hince true dimension radiance balm reviewFull name of product:
Hince true dimension radiance balm

Limited edition/ Permanent?:

Description of product:
“True dimension radiance balm
Experience glam with the transparent color tones and the natural glow that seems as though it stems from your natural skin.

Transparent, clear.
The natural transparent glow will liven up your mood.”

29,000 won

Amount of product:
10 g

Duration before expiration:
1 year after opening

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea
Manufacturer: Vivawave Co. Ltd

Where to buy:
Olive young
Amazon US
Mon Elissa
Use code “XTINAHELL10” for 10% off

Shades available:

Dilsostearyl Malate, Octyldodecanol, Polybutene, Polyethylene, Mica, Microcrystalline wax, Vp/ Elcosene copolymer, Pentaerythrityl tetra-di-t-butyle Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Squalene, Carthamus Tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491)

How to use:
Gently melt the tip of the balm with the warmth of your fingertips, then apply it where you want (cheek, forehead, eye, lips) as if tapping the skin for an effortless rich gloss.

Hince true dimension radiance balm reviewPackaging:
Packaging for these Hince true dimension radiance balm is of course stunning.  To my surprise, these aren’t as expensive as I remembered.  On sale right now on the Korean website, these go for 23,200 won.  For such a high-end marketing and gorgeous packaging, I expected to pay much more.  These are definitely reasonably priced.

The tube is made out of tin I think? Or it is some sort of metal and it definitely feels high-end, with a slight weight to it as well.  The light rose gold interior is also such a gorgeous touch.  To get to the product, you simply twist it up, and there it reveals the lightly tinted balm stick.

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Hince true dimension radiance balm swatches reviewColor/ Pigmentation + Texture/ Finish:
The two shades I got were tender room, which is a peachy pink shade with no shimmers, and dawn ray which is a bronzey burnt tangerine shade.  I was a little worried that dawn ray might not work with my skin type, but these are very very light with little to no payoff.  I’m kind of sad I didn’t pick the ones with a bit of shimmer in them.  Maybe next time…

Hince true dimension radiance balm swatches reviewTexture-wise, these are very balmy, buttery, and moisturizing.  They feel like a light version of vaseline that is in a stick form for easy application and does feel very moisturizing.  Blended out though, you really can’t even distinguish the two shades and gives practically no color to the skin.  Now, I’m not even all that dark.  Can you imagine if anyone was darker than my pale ass?

Hince true dimension radiance balm reviewLet’s try these out and I’ll walk you through it.

Hince true dimension radiance balm reviewYou can either warm it on your fingers first and then dab or simply apply it directly to your face.  I did find if you were to apply it directly on your face, your foundation will move around.  Here I am applying “dawn ray” on the highest points of my cheeks.

Hince true dimension radiance balm reviewAnd for demonstration purposes, I’ll be applying “tender room (coral pink shade)” on the center of my cheeks.

Hince true dimension radiance balm reviewBefore (left side) and after (right side).  The difference is super subtle and the right side of my cheeks looks more flushed, but it isn’t from the true dimension radiance balm.  It is actually the balm wiping away the foundation that I had.

Hince true dimension radiance balm reviewDoes my skin look slightly glowy and healthy?  Yes.  Does it have any color pigmentation?  No.

Hince true dimension radiance balm reviewI almost forgot how to apply makeup on since it has been so long since covid hit.  I wouldn’t say this balm on your cheeks would be a good idea if you are wearing a mask as it will rub off. The overall effect is a pretty, healthy-looking glow and hydrating but I can get this look with a thin layer of vaseline, to be honest.

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Lasting power:
After the initial application when you look extra glossy, you do look a bit like a grease ball.  I personally don’t mind that look since I’ve been exposed to it for the last 10 years, seeing all the K-drama actresses sporting it at the time.  For me and my dry skin, the glossiness did get absorbed into my skin, however, it does leave a gorgeous and natural-looking glow. It also provided me with a bit of hydrating which is always nice. 

No fragrance detected

-gorgeous dewy finish
-gives the complexion a healthy glow

-would not work in your favor if you are already oily
-no pigmentation
-moves your base make up around


Stars given out of 5:

Overall thoughts:
Although I really applaud what Hince as a brand was able to do by disrupting the beauty trends in Korea and causing many other brands to follow suit, I sadly did not enjoy their most famous product, the Hince true dimension radiance balm.  To get the same effect as the model, you would have to apply a thick layer which I don’t think would be realistic since your foundation at that point would be non-existent.  Although I love me some dewy finish, this product was sadly not it. I think I would use this more as a hydrating topper on top of my usual cream blushes that has a bit more pigmentation.  I will give this brand another go and maybe check out their lipsticks, foundation, and concealer?  These balms just remind of me Glossier, where you have to already have good skin to start with for it to look good.  Overall, I give this a passing grade, and is a product you’d have to work around to make it look decent. 

*PR sample